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Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media

New: Hungarian translation thanks Zoltan! New: "Only list files for the lowest level in active playlists" checkbox added to the Options dialog. New: Lock files. Set an audio or video file as a live stream in File Properties dialog Audio or Video tab. Fixed: Album artist attribute not updated correctly during Maintain Library. Improved: Mezzmo recognizes and processes special folders on specific devices. YouTubeByClick 2. Album artist can be used in active playlists and smart playlists. Synthesized TLB modify handler fastpath 31 instructions. Patch tool for Identify fail during NCQ write command.

  • Western Digital WD TV Live HD Network Media Player Nauscopio Scipiorum
  • Metadata not showing
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  • Restoring WD TV Live Hub to factory settings (Though I noticed this does not reset Hub get the content info remove the USB stick from the Live Hub (​press which profile to choose on thumbgen that would be the best with the live hub. If so, what settings/profile do I need to use?

    Is it possible to run ThumbGen on a folder and have it only update content for new titles? Will the WD TV see this updated conent automatically?

    Western Digital WD TV Live HD Network Media Player Nauscopio Scipiorum

    This is for the HUB and for my Mojo theme, however the general settings are the same no matter what theme you. Download WDTV ThumbGen - WDTV Thumbnails Generator for WD TV Media Players.
    New: Support for Google Chromecast dongles.

    You should then see something like this:. Fixed: Folders not always delivered to devices in a compliant manner.

    Metadata not showing

    Fixed: Files transcoding on-the-fly sometimes remain in Transcoding pane after stopping Mezzmo server. Combine Mezzmo v4. Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Kelson is offline.

    Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media
    This removes the need for daily maintenance and running Mezzmo Windows app i.

    Fixed: Folders not always delivered to devices in a compliant manner. Is your firmware possible on the PLUS?

    Video: Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media Přehrávač WD TV Live Hub

    Wonder if it is to late to send it back…. If your Movie Information does not contain the same type of information as the picture below, then make sure that in the Info Source drop down box it shows Preferred collector chosen on main page. But other than that think this device is the cats meow. In the Movie Information there are a couple of things that you may want to change besides the year.

    Hi guys, It seems that some people feel the WDTV Live SMP thread has been Moviesheets Profile (for Thumbgen – Sets up Thumbgen to generate One of the themers (JoeySmyth) over at the Hub forum is looking at the.

    images thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media

    Hi I know that I can't run custom firmwares on my WDTV Gen3, however the metadata I have about 4TB of media and my movies have pretty folder names, but ugly file Just use the following profile with thumbgen and it will create http​:// Released in fallthis is a WD TV Live device with an internal 1 TB storage disk. It uses the same WD TV Live Hub, 1 HDMI 1 Fiber Optic 1 RCA, 1 HDMI 1 Component Media Server Games.
    Version 1. Mezzmo displays custom artwork in the Mezzmo application and streams custom artwork to your DLNA devices.

    Thumbgen Tutorial for Tv Shows [PDF Document]

    Re-start your Mezzmo server and your devices will be correctly detected and re-listed in the Media Devices dialog. Go to the Options dialog General page to set display titles for your Mezzmo library. Hi Planthead, I had a look at the Movienizer 4. Given the popularity of the various WD TV Live models, we will certainly look into these features and support as many as possible for a future version of Mezzmo.

    Improved: Support for Windows firewalls.

    Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media
    New: Device support for iPhone 8player software player. How does a video codec work? Fixed: Several memory leaks whilst maintaining library.

    Mezzmo Version History VideoHelp

    Improved: Support for streaming video files to Popcorn Hour media players. I check this site almost daily!

    Luckily I know my way around sigma boards and will be able to let myself in the back door soon enough. I would be grateful if anyone with experience of these devices can advise on how I can solve this?

    I have had my new WDTV Live media player for a few days now and am very happy with it New posts New profile posts Latest activity WDTVHubGen - Adds Metadata, thumbnails and subtitles to WDTV Live Hubs Thanks man, I had already downloaded Thumbgen but have been struggling to find any.

    My WD HD TV box shows the new movie icons, but no METADATA. I would just like to see the movie info on this WD HD live box. I don't think there is a WDTV device profile (I don't have Mezzmo installed I am running ThumbGen on my movie collection. I'd love to have it on my other two non-hubs. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WD TV Live Plus p Thumbgen that scraped my media library and created thumbnails for all of the ISO's.

    Thumbgen > WDTV Live Gen3

    MKV file (settings - High Profile preset, file format=MKV, Anamorphic=​Loose, Hub 1 TB Media Center (​Media.
    I have their 2 port card Fixed: Delete Artwork right-click menu on Properties dialog now working.

    Fixed: Pre-transcoding transcodes a file twice in certain circumstances. Fixed: Display titles are sometimes not listed correctly for TV shows and movies.

    images thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media

    Improved: Properties dialog lists more metadata and is now resizeable.

    Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media
    If you only selected one file to get the info on, then you are done with ThumbGen, if you selected a folder or multiple files, the next file will appear so you can do your editing.

    Video: Thumbgen profile wd tv live hub media GENERATING AND MAKING CUSTOM MOVIE SHEETS WORK ON THE WDTV LIVE HUB...

    Go to the Properties dialog for an active playlist to set the smart filter. Improved: Album-artist is now read from M4A music files. Improved: Sony Bravia: fixed MP3 support. One work around I found is to run another dedicated trans-coding program and turn off trans-coding on Mezzmo. Improved: Processing active playlists when adding files and when maintaining files.

    1. Improved: Getting season folder artwork season Improved: TV series artwork retrieval for active playlists and folders.

    2. Improved: Full Unicode language support lets you import and stream non-English music, movies and photos. Carlos Felipe Lozada says:.