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Thames ring 250 blogspot

images thames ring 250 blogspot

I had lost my appetite and although I knew I needed to eat, I was struggling to do so. June My feet were so sore that I just needed to lift them off the ground for a few moments. It is only lately that I have accepted that I did not fail in this race. I would sit under a bridge, turn off my headlamp, set the watch alarm for 15 minutes hence and would get up in 15 seconds to continue the fight. The bag I was pulling was heavy and the castors were not the best. I finally woke up around a. Mandy is hardly a newbie to the ultra scene having excelled in 50K, K and mile races before but this challenge is on another level and has been on her bucket list for some time.

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  • Thames Ring Race Report It is Wednesday morning and the wait is finally over. I'm driving to Goring with the Foo Fighters' 'Best of.

    images thames ring 250 blogspot

    In the past two years, the Thames Ring has slowly moved from 'that's when entries opened I was one of the first to throw my hat in the ring. The Untamed Thames Ring Date: Wed, Jun 24 - Sun, Jun 28, Race: Thames Ring mile race.

    Where: Start and Finish in.
    I quickly took out my sleeveless cycling vest, arm warmers and thin gloves. Motor sports - boat.

    NinjaRunner Thames Ring

    I had to be out of the checkpoint before the 3am cut off or I would be disqualified. I got up at a. If you are available from 7am till 5pm that's would be ideal but any help during the day even at the finish would be helpful.

    images thames ring 250 blogspot
    Bars near the gherkin london
    With over 80 runners already signed up for the golden coin event on June 6th we have opened 50 more places.

    We have supported smaller races and some big ones by giving them grants towards items that improve their races and help more races to be run. I decided to go back to the clearing.

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    I will however keep all the photos and results records myself and you can always get copies and info from me on the Thames Ring email address Thamesring outlook. Search races by.

    The Thames Ring is a mile trail race starting in Streatley-on-Thames and following the route on the map in a anti-clockwise direction.

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    The route is mainly. 'The Thames Ring is a mile trail race starting in Streatley-on-Thames and following the route on the map in a anti-clockwise direction. A mile, non-stop race, starting and ending in Goring and Streatley, following the Thames Ring.

    River Thames to Brentford, Grand Union Canal to Napton.
    My feet were painful, and I had lost the motivation to continue. All three of us had dropped out of the Grand Union Canal Race at the end of May, and unfortunately all three of us would fail to finish the Thames Ring too.

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    We talked and we talked for the next many hours. Duathlon - run and shoot. There were at least 3 runners there when I arrived — Kate, who had passed me shortly after I collected my McDonalds at Windsor I remember her asking me if that was McDonalds I was eating as she ran past meChris Edmonds who had finished the last Thames Ring in but was suffering due to a back injury he had picked up in this years GUCR, and another guy, John, who announced that he was dropping out.

    Rowers were practicing with their coaches yelling out instructions on megaphones.

    images thames ring 250 blogspot
    As I arrived, Roz was just leaving.

    Thames Ring Running blog Anne's running and travels

    The Start With Alicja just before the Start Doing my customary dynamic stretches Alicja and I had a couple of pictures taken outside and before I knew it the race had started. The race was fantastic. After minutes I would check the charge level.

    images thames ring 250 blogspot

    Wellington Waterfront 5k Series standings.

    1. I had lost 40 minutes or so in finding the right path! Hanz's Big Adventure Final results.